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     Levi Bellfield is one of the most notorious British serial killers of the last fifty years - his name alone evokes horror and revulsion, after his string of brutal murders in the early 2000s.

    At 3:07pm on 21st March, 2002, Milly Dowler left her school in Surrey for the last time. Less than an hour later, she was to be abducted and murdered in the cruellest fashion, sparking a missing person investigation that would span months before her body was found.

      In the two years that followed, two more young women - Marsha McDonnell and then Amélie Delagrange - were murdered in unspeakably brutal attacks.

     Yet with three murdered women on their hands, and few leads open to them, investigating officers were running out of ideas and options, until SIO Colin Sutton was drafted into the investigation for the murder of Delagrange. Seeing a connection between the three women, and thriving under the pressure of a serial killer hunt, Sutton was finally able to bring their murderer to justice after the case had begun to seem hopeless.

     Manhunt tells the story of how he led the charge to find a mystery killer, against the clock and against the odds - day by day and lead by lead. At once a gripping police procedural, and an insight into the life of an evil man, this is the story behind what it takes to track down a shockingly violent murderer before he strikes again.

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The Drama

    This 3 part ITV drama is based upon the memoirs of former London Metropolitan police detective DCI Colin Sutton. Acclaimed actor Martin Clunes takes the role of DCI Sutton and shares who he determinedly and tenaciously pursued serial killer Levi Bellfield.

     The drama was devised by Colin Sutton and Ed Whitmore, written by Ed Whitmore and produced by Buffalo Pictures.

     The drama was first aired in January 2019 to great acclaim and drew around ten million viewers, making it the most-watched ITV drama for six years.



     The media regularly consult Colin Sutton on high profile crimes and he often writes about both live and historic cases in various media titles. Colin uses the extensive experience he gained during his nine years as a Senior Investigating Officer in the Metropolitan Police Homicide Command to analyse and contribute to true crime programmes and documentaries.               Colin regularly provides technical advice to crime authors and screenwriters. 

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